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Beginning in February 2018, the ACT School Immunisation Program will be offering every Year 10 student a free immunisation against meningococcal ACWY. Meningococcal disease is a rare but serious disease which occurs when meningococcal bacteria enter the blood stream. There are different subtypes of Meningococcal bacteria and, previously, only meningococcal type C was covered in routine childhood immunisations. In 2018 a free catch up vaccination is available through GPs for 16 – 18 year olds. Please contact the surgery for more information January 2018

The classification of codeine has been changed by Therapeutic Goods Australia. As of February 2018, codeine containing medications will not be available over the counter but will require a doctor’s prescription. This is a link for more information about Wakefield Gardens Surgery ‘ s policy regarding codeine containing medications. January 2018

Wakefield Gardens Surgery has had a number of staff changes over the past several months. We have said goodbye to Sheenagh, our nurse, who has left us for overseas adventures. She has been replaced by Sneha who is fitting into our team fabulously. Dr Toby Hutchinson has moved away from Canberra and we are sorry to see her go. We have an admirable replacement in Dr Phillip Hope who has joined our team. December 2017

Zostavax – The Shingles Vaccination is now available for 70 year olds. There is a catch up program for people aged 70-79 which will run until October 2021. Please make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss this further. If you are 79 years old now, it is important not to postpone this! 10th November, 2016

We now have an online booking facility through Health Engine. You can book online either through the Health Engine website or by clicking the button on the home page of the Wakefield Gardens surgery website 25th February, 2016

We are now able to offer comprehensive health assessments bulk billed through medicare for patients aged 45 - 49 who are at risk of chronic disease . Please contact the surgery to find out more. 22th February, 2016

We are now able to offer GP management plans for patients with respiratory conditions including asthma and chronic airways disease. These plans involve a comprehensive assessment with our practice nurse and your doctor. Please contact the surgery for more information. 10th May, 2016